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The Timely Tragedy Gives Off An Impactful Style

A new release from The Timely Tragedy brings out a progressive and cinematic rock tone that comes through with a vastness and has a way of engulfing you and all the best ways possible with an atmosphere that builds quickly and with an attention to detail.

"Etherealize" feels epic and anthemic like giant waves crashing down around you and it's something that has an almost dreamlike undertone at times which sticks with you for a long time after the song is ended.

You can tell this track came from someplace personal as it does have some emotional drive in there for sure.

Musically this track has amazing tonality from the base to the guitars and everything in between, they managed to create something that takes you to a different place altogether.

By the second chorus you're riding those waves and it feels awesome.

This whole track has a sort of arena rock vibe to it that makes you want to put your fists in the air and sing along at the top of your lungs.

It does have a bit of a throwback touch to it as well that hits a taste of late 90s underground alt rock that we all knew and loved at the time.

The release is got this ambient feel to it because there's Reverb dripping from it, and this is part of its cinematic empowerment and how it leaves its mark and impact.

This is certainly not a track easily forgotten and vocally you can hear a clear passion and love for what's going on.

This is definitely something that has layers to be peeled back and this can definitely happen on the first go but listening to it a few more times really lets you soak it all in the way it was meant to.

As a matter of fact, I think that this track was meant for headphones and sitting alone on the couch by yourself.

It just has a way of hitting you with everything in this format.

This single being the first release of 2023, the band has a series of releases going back to early last year which will lead up to a full length self-titled album.

So, if you listen to this track and you really like it, I would strongly suggest going back to listen to that record because it's a damn good one as well.

These guys perform and write songs with tons of character and heart, and we need more bands like this out there.

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