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An Introduction to The New Solarism

If you are not too familiar with the sounds created by The New Solarism then let us be among the first to introduce you as there has been a recently released EP that takes a unique formula and creates a full-bodied set of songs that are arranged in choreographed like the score to a film movie.

The release is unlike a lot that we have heard before and has this natural flow that brings an ambience to its overtone and with each of the songs there are many times that memories come into your thoughts while you're listening.

This is a heavily violin-based release and the delivery is astonishing most of the time because it thrives off of a personal approach.

With each song it feels as if you're getting a piece of the artist which is only one of the many reasons why this is such a unique EP.

By the time you get halfway through, you begin to expect the unexpected and it still boasts sections that stagger you a bit.

At times, listening to the "Hibernaculum" EP can feel nostalgic and a strange and unusual way because some of these songs create moments that make you think of your own life and to have a connection like that musically is amazing.

These songs have different ways of flourishing and some of them have a very particular way of growing in intensity which is something that you can really feel when you're listening to it.

The New Solarism is basically a solo project by an artist trained in classical music but uses that in combination with her love for creating a bigger and almost visual landscape that breeds its own vibe each time.

Being able to create such almost limitless and boundless music like this is very unique and the entire approach is outside the box in terms of songwriting and thinking so the EP ends up having fewer boundaries than what you may be used to.

But this is why we end up getting addicted to the record.

What's more is that it has its own kind of heart as well and you can hear a lot of that in the performances themselves.

Each track brings on a different sort of underbelly and can take you into a new world which in the end, ends up feeling rejuvenating.

This whole EP was a beautiful, theatrical, and rich sound all performed and delivered with a love for the craft.

Not just the craft of playing instruments but the craft of creating songs and sounds that mend different elements together to bring something new and we certainly hope to hear more from this project soon, but for now this was certainly suffice.

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