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Madame Whiskey Hits It Hard with "Forward Fashion"

If you are not yet too familiar with the indie rock soundscapes of Madame Whiskey, then let us be among the first to introduce you as they just released a new single that hits a vivacious tone, and it certainly feels fun right from the start.

The band has seen a lot of changes since its beginnings as an acoustic trio in 2015 and has since changed its approach to this much more robust and fulfilling rock vibe.

The track is called "Forward Fashion" and hits with a gusto that is completely memorable.

"Forward Fashion was written by our singer Luis and our guitarist Sebastian. It's one of those songs that came up together really quickly and it became a favorite during our live shows. 

It's a bit tongue in cheek. It's talking about how everything moves super-fast nowadays. Trying to capture the current state of this fast-moving world of ours,”

And is ramping up for its next release now and has already been touring non-stop as far as we know." - Madame Whiskey

Check this track out as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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