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The Refreshingly Crisp and Honest Sounds Of Pearl Lee

A fresh single from Pearl Lee gives off a crisp and clean pop sensibility with bright acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies to bring in a wonderfully positive overtone.

"In The Winter" is insanely catchy almost as soon as it begins and into this chorus that gives that wholehearted warming feeling.

The song has a great building arrangement that eventually brings in percussion, piano, and more as the song hits its massive hook again.

The single is quite beautiful, and its message is as well as he exclaims "you hold onto me, and I'll hold onto you".

I think we need more music like this right now.

Music that makes you feel something. That moves you in whatever way it does.

Bringing in classic songwriting styles into a current neo-pop feel and using things like vocals as instruments and all in all making you feel good.

When is the last time you listened to a song that made you feel really good? Made you feel appreciative of the things you have or the one you have?

Probably a while.

"In The Winter" pulls it off without a hitch and does it with a gracefulness that you just fall in love with.

The song has a killer energy, and it never lets up, and everything shines.

This was a wonderful song from a wonderful artist that obviously puts realness into his music.

Dive into this track and you won't regret it.

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