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The Neo-Vintage Synth-pop sounds of El Coulters

The new album release from Los Coulters is a massive synth pop opus that runs the gambit of varying styles of the genre all in one record.

Lo Tek Olmec is loaded with all kinds of vintage synth sounds and hooks for days.

"Killer App" hits the ground running and is a great introduction to what you are about to embark on musically.

This record is a sonic soundscape of awesome themes that all feel like they were in a film you watched when you were a kid somewhere.

As the album unfolds you get a full variety of electronica that satiates you and leaves you nice and full in the end.

Retro-neon car races and post apocalyptical steam punk cities all play out in your head while the album runs its course and it all sounds bright and neo-futuristic.

A rare accomplishment in music, Los Coulters brought multiple genres together and took them all to the synth-wave factory and dipped them in their own brand of polish that works so well its a little ridiculous.

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