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The Magnetic Character And Sounds Of BUEL

BUEL returns with a new single that shows how she masterfully crafts pop bangers with a lighthearted touch and a vintage undertone that just feels like home with classic synths and textures that flow into these hooks that cling to you and don't let go.

"Dancing With Devils of Mine" is immediately catchy and the soundscape and scope of the track grows and builds into these interwoven feels and colors that paint this vivid picture and let you just flow with the song.

The single is gorgeous and feels authentically like something you'd hear on the radio in 1989. It's aesthetically nailed and the slight cross over into an indie and dream pop style works all too well for her.

This seems to just come naturally for BUEL as she has no problem creating atmospheres you can swim through and float along with. It's all warming and welcoming in a strange but familiar way.

The single is just one piece of what's coming from BUEL and it's such a lush and magnetic song because of her vocals and character.

BUEL is absolutely charming from minute one. It's hard not to find out more or dig deeper.

Upon doing so you'll find a video for the single "Small Talk" which is addictive and incredibly well shot.

It also gives you an idea of her presence as a person and an artist which is electric all the way through.

So, check this one out and keep a close eye out for BUEL in the near future. More to come.

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