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The Lush And Alluring New Single From Edie Yvonne

A brand-new release from Edie Yvonne brings on a crisp and ambient undertoned cinematic pop vibe that takes these amazing cinematic elements and briskly twists them into a single that manages to consistently incorporate new textures and styles within its time span.

"Eyes of Lies" touches on a lush and full-bodied retro pop approach and the cool thing about how this was arranged is that it brings in new parts and segments just when get used to the one you're hearing so by the time it all begins again, you're dying to hear those melodies' or parts you heard before.

So, there are a ton of actual hooks in this track and that goes for both musical and vocal as well.

This was built, created, written, arranged, and performed with heart and it shines through during the entire song. This helps it live such a genuine life as it breathes into your ears and lets you swim through the soundscapes.

Yvonne's voice is dreamy and alluring as it floats and lets you get washed away with everything. This whole song is beautiful, and it really has a way of grabbing your attention from across the room.

Particular synths and keys, guitar sections, and beats were used to create this unique atmosphere that really builds itself into a pleasant and honest state.

Yvonne has that something that makes you stop what you're doing to go see what this is you're listening to.

The single has an empowering factor that lets the artist do her thing with what seems like a great ease that makes you feel a bit relaxed as you listen.

This was a great pop single that was inventive and was able to push that envelope ever so slightly so that you get pulled right in. Wonderful song.

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