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The In your face Rock Of Murder For Girls

The latest from Murder for Girls is a completely catchy, attitude riddled, punch packing EP that comes to you in a set of hard-hitting alternative rock singles, female fronted.... well, more than female fronted, and exactly what you need to beat this damn heat.

Yes, I said that. And I said it for a reason. This EP, which by the way, is called The Six Stories EP, is cool as hell and every damn song has this heavy backbone that is coated in powerful melodic vocals that you can tell was super fun to track.

This band has an arena rock vibe as the songs just get huge and stomping. You can't help but get down with these rockers and they all have some new element each time.

The basslines are stellar. They drive the songs in a way and the drumming is just heavy as hell. The guitars are full and edgy. This whole thing just has a good vibe to it.

It's meant to played loud. So do that first of all.

You get that feeling that Murder for Girls would be just a face melter live and if you watch some of their videos you can see they certainly are. They are tight, they have a good time, and they play nice and loud.

You get tastes of everything here. From punk to dirty grunge, alternative rock, and a massively addictive style.

You know its Murder for Girls when you hear them. And that's a beautiful thing.

Get ready to sing along with your fists in the air. It's gonna happen.

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