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The Impliers Release New Music

In their latest offering, the Impliers showcase a refreshing evolution from their debut album "Cocoon" with the unveiling of their latest single, "Lonely Meets The Lonely." Conjuring up echoes of Beck's experimental funk odyssey "Midnite Vultures," this track brims with a similar audacious energy and sardonic charm. 

The Impliers dive headfirst into a richly textured sonic landscape, seamlessly blending 80's synth-pop aesthetics with gritty guitar riffs, crafting a groove that's as infectious as it is nostalgic. Vocal experimentation takes center stage here, with the band traversing a diverse array of vocal patterns, showcasing their versatility and wit. 

Despite the playful tone, the songwriting remains sharp and engaging, revealing a depth that belies its seemingly lighthearted facade. Accompanied by an enigmatic video that begs to be experienced firsthand, "Lonely Meets The Lonely" offers a tantalizing glimpse into the Impliers' evolving musical journey. 

While it may diverge from the atmospheric soundscapes and darker undertones of their debut album, it's evident that the band is fearlessly charting new sonic territory. With this single, the Impliers prove themselves as daring sonic explorers, leaving us eagerly anticipating the direction their music will take next.

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