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The Haunting Alt-Pop Of Damascan Daydreams

In an edgy new single release Damascan Daydreams utilizes an alluring vocal technique that collides with this slightly darker toned pop soundscape that makes everything exciting but still somewhat haunting.

“Crown of Gold” is a lush and sensuous song but is lined with these harder hitting synths and textures that make the song Feel engulfing and cinematic which is in turn what gives it an atmosphere of its own.

This track was definitely put together and built with much attention to detail as the production is superb and tight, but there's also this kind of soul in the performance that ties everything together and makes the song become alive and breathing.

There's much fantasy with this song and it does feel fantastic indeed especially with the ambient swells and the way the music flows which is really cool cuz it allows you to swim through it while it surrounds you.

It's kind of rare to hear a pop song like this that combines all these wondrous elements together and does it with such a graceful style.

This is an outstanding showcasing of a unique songwriting approach that really works to create different fields throughout the song's course.

This is indeed a pop song and there is plenty of fun and elegant edginess to the tonality of it all, but it also has this elegance to it and that comes with the vocals for the most part.

The vocals are beautiful, and they really have an allure to them that kind of soaks you up and takes you away with it wherever it wants to go.

And there is a story behind this song as well if you pay attention. The track boasts such a full-bodied feel and walks this line that balances both alt pop and a softer slightly underhanded cinematic pop that really leaves an impact.

It's such a cool song that once it's over you kind of feel like you just came out of a movie. Like you just saw a film in the theater and are stepping back out into the daylight again.

It's something you have to sort of shake off because it whisked you away and now you've come back.

Not only that but it would be the kind of movie that you want to see a sequel to as well not to mention. And again, it's that dramatic and slightly theatrical vibe that the song gives off and this is due to that wonderfully woven grouping of textures that aligns with a gorgeous vocal performance that paints these vivid pictures and visuals in your mind. It's almost like a good book really.

The other great thing about this artist is that if you like one of her songs, you'll probably like some of the previous releases that she's dropped.

This track should certainly be in a movie soundtrack somewhere and if you're into female fronted alternative pop that's done right, with heart, then Damascan Daydreams is for you.

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