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The Hard Hitting Style Of BLACKICE

A new single just released from rapper BLACKICE and it definitely portrays a fiery flow and a unique vocal Style that connects him and his approach to a combination of both old school and new school vibes.

The new single is called feeling trapped and it is definitely a personal one that the artist is using to let things out. And maybe that's what this is all about really. Being able to Launch off the way you want to sometimes can only be done in a song like this.

An aggressive undertone laced with a little bit of his own history and lifestyle brings together a familiar but hard hitting and genuine single.

The beat is unique as well and fits the artist's rap style and flow nearly perfectly. There is a certain character to the way he does his thing and the beat follow suit with that character and enables him to be free to be himself.

Like some other great rap songs out there, this track tells the story. And you don't really need to read between the lines to figure that out.

BLACKICE has a Bountiful and full-bodied approach to rapping.

He's one of those artists that you can tell is him as soon as you hear it. He's also one of those artists that will turn your head mid conversation from across the room. It's that energy and raw impact that spreads like fire and grabs your attention from the get-go.

And it's great to have rappers out there that still demand your attention like that when you hear them. Not everyone has that ability so when we hear it, we know it.

This track is fierce and holds nothing back in the way of lyrics and words, but also holds nothing back in the way of output and performance.

He's out there telling his story and talking about inner and outer struggles throughout his life and in his present. He puts it out there with a punch and that huge presence is part of his authentic feel as an artist.

The song is banging, it bumps, it's got power and a unique version of passion that all shine through.

So, in the end you end up listening to what he has to say.

There's definitely layers here and a killer single and music video to coincide with it.

We suggest playing it loud.

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