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The Bright Young Sounds Of London Monroe

An upcoming single release from young rapper London Monroe showcases an outstanding array of colorful but edgy energy that is as infectious as her character, and it all comes together in a smooth and vibrant flow.

The single is called "Fire" and once you listen to it you might not believe that this is an 8-year-old girl.

Monroe puts out such a perfect attitude and style that appeals to the younger crowd of course, but still has that genuine approach like she's already been doing this for years.

Lyrically the song is about what most 8-year-old girls would be singing or rapping about but it's amazing to hear the perspective from a child's point of view in a fiery rap song like this.

This is incredibly unique, and you don't come across anything quite like it often which makes it so different yet so appealing.

And she's great. This artist is really good at what she does, puts thought into her lines, and records with a gusto that can't be denied.

What's also quite amazing about this kind of situation is the simple fact that she's so young. It's really fun to see such intelligence in someone this age and what's even more fun is to see how she evolves as an artist the older she gets.

The topics of her songs will change, the styles of her songs will change, and her persona will change just as it will as a person.

So, this being such a strong release for her is really important not just for other young artists out there.

It's absolutely imperative for other young artists that have fallen in love with making music as she has, to see that it can be done.

You can release great music no matter what age you are.

Doing something like this would have been harder a couple of decades ago but with personal Studios at our fingertips delivering quality production it's amazingly attainable.

London Monroe delivers a great performance on this single and it's something that will surprise you especially given the fact that you really don't know what to expect.

But I'll tell you now, this song blew me away and I'm sure whatever she releases after this will do just the same.

Definitely keep a lookout for London Monroe and her single "Fire" releasing in the next few weeks everywhere.

You can also get a feel for her character and her style on her TikTok account.

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