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Square Tugs Drops A Fresh Thrash Punk Banger With A Deeper Meaning

Square Tugs recently dropped a new single that hits like whiplash with a thrashy and excited punk and alt rock feel that boasts all the attitude and energy you could ask for as lead guitars wail, drums destroy, and vocals belt out with a tasteful and impactful approach.

"Lost In Translation" is like a sucker punch to the gut and once you get hit with it, you come back for more.

The song is aggressive and downright powerful. It gets your blood pumping and your heart racing and brings such a crisp edginess and style that you start to wonder if these guys play live because hey, they will likely kill it. Especially if they bring this kind of energy to the stage.

And that's the thing. The energy is just unbeatable here. And it's not always easy to capture that level of perfectly tailored energy to the recording the way Square Tugs does it.

It's a blistering track that brings tons of presence as a band and mass amounts of character.

The song actually references Bob (Bill Murrays character) in the film Lost In Translation and somewhat breaks down the meaning of how life in general relates to that character.

It's pretty awesome actually and I love when songs come through with such a destructive style and so much meaning behind it.

Good punk rock usually does have quite a message normally. Struggle, triumph, stress, equality, government, love, etc.

Now, this single comes with an accompanying music video that also shows a bit more of the presence and it works well with the premise of the song itself with shots of the city and people. How they are all right there but lost at the same time.

This was a killer single and we hope for more to come from Square Tugs.

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