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Sarah Rose Drops A Pop Classic

The latest from Sarah Rose brings on a sound that feels like it in the montage of a film with retro synth pads, pop washed vocals that catch your ear from a mile away, and guitars that build up to chorus that ends up as memorable as the best of them.

"Break The Rules" has it's harder hitting moments and it all seems to have a floating and cinematic tonality to it that really makes an impact and certainly gives a danceable and almost live performance feel.

The energy is unstoppable on this one and Sarah certainly brings her A-game to the table as her vocals are alluring and fit perfectly with this beautifully built pop single.

What's out standing about this song is the cross between that classic pop and new pop styles she seems to mend together so well it's hard to tell the difference.

Part of this comes from her energy which you can literally feel as the song rocks on. The energy is addicting and really lets you get attached to the track right from the start of it all.

Now, Sarah Rose has been dropping songs steadily for more for at least a few years now and each one has a bit of its own flavor to it that separates it from the last.

They all boast that cinematic quality to them and feel alive and breathing.

"Break The Rules" is actually an excellent place to start but you should check out more from there because if you love one, you'll love them all for sure.

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