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Ran Aground Hits Us With A Full Album Release

Ran Aground provides a colorful and wistful display of stories told with great detail and perspective and it all comes with a windy rock feel that gives the vibe of classic but genuine story books.

The record is pretty large and within that course contains a great set of almost whimsical Rock songs that are performed with a very theatrical set.

The backbone of the record seems to be stories of ships at Sea where things happen, and everything is displayed with fantastic fashion.

It's been quite some time since you've heard anything quite like this record and it's probably going to be quite some time since you hear anything like it again because it's got something that not a lot of other albums have.

This is like cracking open an old book and reading it through from start to finish which is why listening to the entire album from start to finish is part of its appeal.

The riffs are great, the guitar sounds and tones are pretty much perfect for the style of music it is, and it's got a lot of catchy aspects throughout the record but it's the storytelling side of it that really grabs you.

If that's not enough description here's a quote from the songwriter and main man of the project.

"Of Portents and Premonitions is a journey of sorts, a combination of themes; Mutiny at Sea is the song most reflective of Ran Around's identity on the album. It is a continuation of the nautical themes and songwriting style Ran Aground has come to utilize. Mutiny at Sea has a shanty/pirate soundscape with a lyrical story describing a life headed towards betrayal, loss, and abandonment. Heavy compounding choruses accent wavering verses in order to progress the song's story, all leading up to a final message and the song's central idea. Follow your own path, choose a mutiny at sea." explains songwriter Cody Franklin of the single.


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