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Lauren Michaels Drops A Gorgeous And Personal Album

A new album release from Lauren Michael brings out a beautifully honest and slightly lo-fi feel that creates an incredibly addictive character and sound.

The At the Altar album is oozing with story telling that recounts her experiences with a crisp detail and a wonderful and powerful approach that creates a certain presence that you quickly fall in love with.

Songs have a flowing sound and are accompanied by soft guitars layered in smart and impactful ways that make everything sound like you heard it ina film or a show somewhere.

The artist ears her heart on her sleeves the entire time and makes it all sort of charming.

And it is quite a charming record. Acoustic and electric guitars, keys, even synthesized sounds and textures that give songs a classic tone.

The songs are almost like chapters in her life and you want to stick around for the end.

This record isn't without pop songs also. Most are pop but just in different ways.

These are such a colorful palette of songwriting and sounds and it's best to just let it wash you away with it.

Take a listen to this record when you can. It's more than worth your time.

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