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Joel Kraft Releases A Colorful Indie-Pop EP

The music of Joel Kraft spans a few genres but within those is a form of pop that maintains a youthful energy and feel while sticking to an almost mature songwriting approach. From vocals to guitars, keys and just the entire thing, the artist shines.

Most recently, Joel released a completely vibrant and tasteful EP that really showcases his diverse and enticing songwriting styles with catchy hooks left and right.

The EP is called The Lightning Project and it's certainly leaving a blissful aftertaste in our ears.

These songs are just plain fun.

Some great use of keys and arrangement while giving off such a presence and personality remains one of the things that makes this record unique.

It's got plenty of sections and parts that make you bop your head or sing along, and you will be singing along after a listen or two.

It's good clean pop music and sometimes, it even feels a little nostalgic, a little psychedelic, and it's all a blast.

Take a listen for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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