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Jessica Malone Drops "Bloom" and Hints towards and LP

Updated: Apr 10

As Americana singer-songwriter Jessica Malone gets ready to release an album in the upcoming months, the artist has already released a few singles that gives some light on her musical style which does take an Americana feel and brings that rustic implication into a lively and honest one with the use of a gorgeous and uplifting breed of piano, horns like trombone and trumpet and brings that soul with her.

All of this comes with her new single release "Bloom" which shares a bright and welcoming personality trait given with her alluring and buoyant sound.

Jessica talks about her journey as an artist; "In the beginning it was just me and my guitar touring up and down the west coast.  I landed somewhere between Tahoe & San Francisco and that’s when I formed my first band which was a five-piece folk Americana band, drums, bass, acoustic & electric guitar, and violin.   It was the song Sweet Sunlight that inspired the addition of horns to the mix, then came the keys and the three-part harmony which created an extremely soulful vibe.  I’m now in my Soulful Folk Funk Americana era and I’m here for it."

Get a taste of her album with "Bloom" now and let this song give you some joy as it did us. 

The album is set to be dropped within the coming months and is called "Gold Flowers of The West".

We will return with more on the album once it releases!

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