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A Colorful Single Release from King Zepha

A new single from King Zepha brings out a fun and colorful soundscape with the reggae undertone and some deep grooves along with lush instrumentation that add a full body approach to the whole thing, but it's all delivered with a great sort of character that you end up getting attached to quite quickly.

"I Can Be a Man" is a track that's loaded with Melodies and hooks that stick around in your brain for a very long time after the song is over, so you end up wanting to go back to that song and listen again and again.

There's something about this track that gives off such a unique energy almost like it's a live performance and that's something that you don't get often, especially on record but when you listen to this track you feel like you're watching a performance of the song right in your face and that's because of this electric sort of energy that everyone involved gives off.

The vocal hooks and melodies are followed by horns that do call back hooks and those are endlessly fun but the whole thing has so much exuberant color to it that you end up letting it wrap itself around you.

This is the type of track that makes you move, and that groove is deep-rooted so if you're driving in the car, you'll end up shaking your butt in your seat. If you're at home you'll end up dancing around the living room, but either way, you'll end up singing right along with this track by the last chorus and that's something that I love about it.

This is a feel-good song that just breeds this positive vibe and that's quickly infectious so when you listen to this track make sure you do it nice and loud, and as a matter of fact, if you listen to this song first thing in the morning it does something to you for the rest of the day.

This is like an island breeze type of song and the guitar is bop, the horns bellow, and the vocal belt, which is something that in combination, makes for an atmosphere that you just don't want to leave.

On top of all that you have keys and organs, and this bass line that just gives a little bit of added drive to the track but all in all, this is the type of song and group that everyone involved has a real love for what they're doing, and this comes through really heavily in the music.

You can tell everyone involved is just having a great time and that makes you have a great time listening to it.

Something about this track makes me want to take a vacation somewhere tropical.

The song is somehow freeing in a way, and I enjoyed that.

This whole track gives off a very particular vibe that once you get a hold of you don't want to let go, and I find that unique in any kind of music, so this was one of the more refreshing, charismatic, and enjoyable songs that I've been able to dance around the office too and quite some time.

Take a listen to this track, turn it nice and loud and remember where you heard it first.

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