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Energy Tank Drops An Acoustic Driven Opus With Escapists Tomb Volume II

Energy Tank has been releasing their own brand of progressive rock since 2016 and it's an ever changing and melodically driven project that always showcases a band of seasoned musicians.

Escapist's Tome Volume II is a massive record that gives a late Code Seven feel and is all acoustic guitars layered over each other to create an ambient atmosphere and stick to their progressive roots.

Alice In Chains vocals blend in to the full percussion and swelling musical atmosphere.

Songs are emotional and very in depth as they get descriptive and vocals belt out along with the energy of the band.

It feels like this band feeds off of each others live energy and maybe these were recorded live even, Either way you can sense that energy thriving within the bands songwritng and performances.

This was a very engulfing record that takes you on a bit of a musical journey to say he least and its best heard in its entirety.

The guitar work on this record is outstanding and there are a ton of widening soundscapes on the EP as you pay on you feel like you've watched a film you want to watch again and again.

These guys had a great time making this record for sure and it shows.

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