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Caleb Hester Drops A New Record

Caleb Hester is a young songwriter who has been able to create some incredibly lush and colorful singles in the past but has most recently dropped a full album that becomes a wonderful showcasing of the freeing songwriting style of today's youth.

The new EP features a lot of outstanding and well performed guitar work and at its helm, the vocals come through with a pure love for the craft which remains super evident the entire time you're listening to this record.

Another great aspect of this album is Caleb's voice and how it really jumps out at you and demands your attention. This is all a very well built and put together record that delivers songs that are more than memorable and can give you a very enjoyable experience and lets you take a deep dive into the songs themselves.

“As is the case for much of the EP, the heart of the song is acoustic guitar strumming and acoustic bass. I am influenced by many genres, but acoustic and folk music is a true love of mine. My songs blend this acoustic sound with an indie feel and pop song structure, although I don’t limit myself in terms of genre. The basic instrumentation is embellished at times by guitar fingerpicking, electric guitar licks and riffs, and sprinkles of keys and synth. In terms of vocals, I wanted a natural, minimally processed sound on this project. Layers of harmonies across the EP help to create a soundscape and draw the listener’s ear into certain lyrical lines.” - Caleb Hester on his single "Sea of Dreams" which is also the title of the EP itself.

Caleb Hester Spotify

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