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Atelo Songs Delivers Quite A Musical Experience

A new release from Atelo Songs brings out a wonderfully lush and full-bodied style and approach to a form of acoustic pop songwriting that combines textures and flavors with attitudes and characters, storytelling and intricate but flowy guitar work that all comes together to create something atmospheric and almost engulfing.

The release is an album that is self-titled, and the record spans an absolutely colorful and vibrant array of songwriting styles, but everything seems to come with heartfelt performances and something undeniably genuine.

The album touches on different topics but seems to be quite personal and a little one-on-one in terms of the words and lyrics. They're sort of like experiences that the artist had no choice but to write about.

And maybe that's how it is for artists like this. Maybe it's cathartic to be able to write songs and records to be able to get things off your chest or maybe just to feel better.

Either way it certainly feels like Atelo Songs is the type of project that happens because it has to in a way. Projects like this and records like this managed to manifest themselves from within the songwriter and you can really feel that and hear that throughout this record.

The guitar work is absolutely outstanding from start to finish. Only topped by the actual songwriting itself. I'm not saying everything is crisp, clean and absolutely flawless because it's not. But I think that this album is about taking what you would consider to be flaws maybe and putting them up in the front not musically but personally. And those kinds of things take a lot of guts but also experience.

Beautifully written, performed and produced, the self-titled Atelo Songs album portrays quite a wondrous and slightly mysterious showcasing of youth and songwriting with hints of brilliance and avant-garde thinking.

A great album from Atelo Songs.

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