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Angry Pete Gives Us A Synth-Pop Banger

The new single from Angry Pete gives off a heavily future pop influenced vibe complete with killer synths and deep grooves that touch on retro tonality and insanely danceable songwriting approaches and it's all coated with a super refreshing and edgy feel.

"Searching for The Simple Life" is endless fun but also has this cinematic undertone to it that feels driving and that classic vintage action in there and it all has a way of touching on that nostalgic soundscape that keeps to sexy synths and vocals that bring the track to life.

The song is lush but sharp and colorful as much as it is fun.

The single breeds a heavy handed slightly grungy soundscape and it's crisp and reaches out at you.

The coolest thing is that the song is actually a bit personal and pretty straight forward and honest which adds to its air of mystery.

The track boasts a classic beat with sprinkles of added percussion and a building set of keys and synths that bring out different elements of the songs jam.

Angry Pete showcases a killer character and presence on the track, and it makes you want to check more from the artist which is pretty fun seeing that there are a number of releases in the past few years with more thana handful of gems as well.

We suggest you start off with "Searching for The Simple Life" and go from thre.

You won't regret it.

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