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An Impactful New Single From Baywud

A new single from Baywud just dropped and it's got more soul than you may be able to handle with a beautiful groove and passionately performed vocals to go along with massive lushness at the hooks and choruses with organs and a full-bodied and honest approach.

"Don't You Let 'Em" is a gorgeous track that feels like it's got roots embedded in the old school Gospel style as he belts out with character and horns swell in the background.

The song stands up straight and gives inspiration and talks about the fight in all of us. Don't let them break you is what the song is about really. It's about keeping up with the struggles, making choices for yourself, and the fact that nobody is you, but you and they can't break you if you don't let them.

The single has tons of heart and is portrayed with such a vibrant and seasoned performance that it's tough not to pay attention.

This is the sort of song that means something to you no matter who you are. It makes sense. You sit there and let it soak in and you say to yourself "yeah he's right. I won't let 'em."

The track gives you that little bit of extra strength you may need for the day. That's power. A song that can have an impact on your thoughts in such a way isn't something you come by every single day.

This one has that. So let it take over for a few minutes and change the way you may feel.

A wonderful song all around from Baywud.

This song might just move you.

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