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An EP From Lies We Were Told Hits A Classic Feel

A new release from Lies We Were Told brings out a familiar but refreshing batch of post-punk and alternative pop with a great heavy edge that wraps everything up and builds an atmosphere that tells its own story.

The Dark Days EP features a ton of very well-thought-out set of textures and tones that blend together and give off an almost cinematic tonality.

This record boasts a ton of hooks and sticks to a great darker feel that lurks just beneath the surface but there are layers to this release that can be peeled back.

In a way, this almost feels like a concept record even though it might not be of course.

The songs are almost confluent with each other and it's almost like they are chapters of a book.

You definitely have some really cool upbeat singles on this one but each song stands on its own two legs and holds its own ground.

Still, this is best to listen to the whole way through from beginning to end to get the true feel for what these guys are really about.

You can kind of tell that this band is made up of some seasoned musicians that have probably been in bands their whole lives but until now haven't had the opportunity to create something that felt like it was their own.

I think that's part of why this record is so good as well, it's got a certain level of heart to it and by listening to this you can clearly tell that these guys have a true love for their craft.

These are well-thought-out tracks that have much attention to detail but never lose the attitude or the character.

A lot of times that's hard to pull off I would imagine but these guys do it without a hitch.

Plus because of that post-punk and alternative pop soundscape that they create, it's got a little bit of nostalgia attached to it that creates this youthful undertone and that feels good.

It's almost like these songs were parts of chapters of your own life at some point. And I think good music should be able to portray that or give that to you.

So, whether your old school or new school, this is definitely a record for genuine fans of the genre because these guys nail the sound and aesthetic down pat.

This record is best listened to with headphones on so you can soak it in.

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