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A Pop-Coated Indie-Rock Soiree from Paging Doctor Moon

A fresh new release from Paging Doctor Moon delivers a somewhat vivacious and colorful soundscape in the form of three different tracks that show you three different sides of the band's songwriting and even presence but the thing that really grabs at you is that they all have a certain kind of character that you end up getting attached to pretty damn quickly.

This EP showcases the band's love for the craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing their instruments or singing, I mean writing songs together to put out to the world so that you can feed off of the grooves and sort of bubbly undertone and it kind of affects your day in a certain way.

The release is called Generic Indie Garbage and these tracks do take you on the sort of little Journeys that bear a fuzz tone backbone, and a drifting and almost dreamy underbelly so that you can fall into those grooves and still have a song that sort of sways and swells.

A lot of these tracks have the feel of being alive and breathing and I think that has a lot to do with not only the way that they are arranged, but the energy that they compact into the songs themselves.

It almost feels like these songs were recorded live on the floor to a certain extent and the players are just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

Even if I'm wrong about the whole live on the floor aspect, listening to the record definitely makes you want to go see them perform it live in your face because if the energy captured on record is this fun and shows so much of the band's personality, then seeing them alive must be awesome.

You can hear these soulful and almost funk undertones that peek through especially vocally because a lot of times the singer has a way of just bursting out with powerful and soulful vocals and the band really sort of follows suit at times with almost jazzy feels.

Again, that energy creeps right in and helps this whole thing push the envelope to where it needed to be so it worked out perfectly.

All the elements of these songs between the guitars, the bass lines, the vocals, and the drumming seem to complement each other so incredibly well that the songs have great changes and still this beautiful forward-moving progression that seems to flow.

There is some surprisingly outstanding guitar work on some of these songs for example the second track called "Tissue Paper" gives this super classic rock almost Pink Floyd embodied the guitar solo and it really adds this ultra creative layer to the song which is already robust and lush in itself.

I thought it was cool to hear some of that genuine classic rock tonality come through on some of these songs because it's interesting to find out what influences some of these musicians when they release a record like this.

By the time you get to that third track, you're hearing this sort of pop rock tonality and that's where some of this vivaciousness and color come through but they also add in that edginess as well without losing a pop overtone so it's very well balanced dynamically.

This record has a lot of charisma and a perfect sort of attitude along with that electric energy that you just can't let go of and they know how to balance out elements of subtle and almost floating atmospheres with a harder, indie rock approach.

The title of this record is a real letdown because this is anything but generic indie garbage if you ask me.

But don't take my word for it, take a listen to these songs and try to listen to the whole EP because only then do you get the real full spectrum of what it has to offer.

Each song has its own approach, vibe, character, and energy.

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