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A Memorable Alt-Rock Record from The Inside Out

Brand new release from The inside Out the band gives off A hard-hitting Colorful Alt Rock Tonality That comes with a fresh take on classic metal riffs and A soiree of Attitude build songwriting performances That come off Catchy is all hell.

The new record No Brains, No Blood as a showcasing of the band's ability to create an atmosphere that has a deep-rooted base in alternative rock but also builds and breathes off of and emotional Drive that seems to feed into the performance of each player.

Now, this release as a good solid handful of absolute gems however the entire record itself plays out almost like it's a concept record of sorts. There is a touch of theatrical attributes that are played into the tracks and also a really beautifully woven progressive approach.

And there is certainly some progressive rock here across the span of this album. But the band has a way of giving things their touch and creating this kind of almost stable sound that lets you know it's them. And that's something that not everyone has anymore.

The band is a perfect balance of this kind of gritty tightness but with a little bit of looseness as well and that makes things feel alive. Guitars well, drums pound, and vocals put forth this wielding sort of emo passion that really can feel just a little nostalgic.

There is that emo aspect or should I say Screamo aspect although they are certainly not a screamo band. It just has a little bit of that tone and that Feeling behind it at times.

The cool thing about this record is that A bunch of these songs are actually insanely catchy and can actually get stuck in your head when you least expect it.

So not only is it a fun record, but it comes from someplace real and hits that sort of sweet spot Especially if you Are a fan of good genuine alternative music in general.

The inside Out Is the real deal.

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