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A Killer Alt-Rock EP Release From Bade

The latest release from Bade brings out a classic alternative rock tonality that encompasses other subgenres bordering on things like punk rock and pop rock as well, but it's all done with this particular edginess that gives you a staple feel for what the band is like.

The self-titled Bade EP consists of four tracks but feels absolutely massive with very dynamically pinpointed base tones that give a raw but thick edge while vocals are melodic but riddled with swagger and character and the guitars are played with an aggressive but perfected style.

One of the coolest things about this record is that even though it has such an immense feel to it and such a raw and gritty energy, the songs have this pop aspect to them and come through with tons of catchy sections all over the place.

This is a pleasant surprise because those guitars are really deep rooted and just girthy as well as delivering passion. And the drumming is very hard hitting and super in the pocket but also boast that 90s underground alternative rock looseness as well.

All these attributes give you the feel of a band that is just going to basically thrash out and do their thing but in reality, these guys write catchy singles while doing all that.

So, there are some layers here that you can peel back, and it feels great to do so because these guys are tons of fun.

This record is best played loud as hell and another great thing about it is that you get this almost live performance feel during the course of the EP because the energies of the players sound like they're feeding off of each other. And that in turn, gives that live performance soundscape.

So, you immediately want to go see these guys play just because of the energy that they display on the record alone.

The overall sound of this band has touches of nostalgia for me because I grew up in a certain time listening to bands that clearly have heavy-handed influences on some of what I'm hearing on this record.

These guys clearly love what they're doing, and you can hear that heart with every note played on every song here and that is a big part of why this works so damn well.

The delivery from every single person in this group is spot on and you can feel the excitement swimming around in the air that surrounds the song.

All this is incredibly fun and that becomes very quickly infectious and is an attribute to why this band kicks ass.

So, if you're a fan of that original alt rock that was around in the mid to late 90s, some of which you would hear on the radio stations but also bands that you'd have to scour and find from the underground, then Bade is absolutely for you.

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