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A Fresh Disco-Pop Banger From The Huneez

A brand-new release from The Huneez doesn't incredible job of touching on a form of disco pop that brings on plenty of funk tonality and oozes with character from beginning to end.

"Addicted To You" takes on such a form with a wonderfully woven approach and an exquisite use of synths and keys to keep the drive heavy-handed but still colorful and fun.

The track boasts the killer pop edge and rides on deep and twangy baselines and beats that give the song it's attitude.

This is an incredibly infectious soundscape the band has provided and it's a soiree of tones and insanely danceable grooves that are straight up undeniable.

If there's any song that will get your ass shaking in no time flat, it's this one. You can't just listen to it and not dance around the living room or shake your ass in your seat. It makes you get up and start getting down.

And that's what this song is all about. It's a fun song and it's about feeling the vibe and flowing with it.

A nearly perfect party song but with layers and a bit of depth, the single works with a luxurious atmosphere and delivers hints of fierceness that, wrapped up together, work perfectly.

This is a charming release and it's something that you either want to listen to with headphones or cranked up to 10.

Everyone on this track manages to pull off a sort of sexy sound that is alluring.

Among the many textures of this banger, one of my favorite aspects is the keys or synths if you will which give this massive swaying feel and, in a way, keeps everything feeling like a ride.

This track has a juiciness to it that you can bite into and chew on which is super refreshing. Not to mention the production is absolutely outstanding.

Everything has a Sheen and polish on it. It's got a crispness and it feels clean and big but still boasts a little bit of that Indie pop undertone that also keeps things a little bit familiar.

So, when you listen to this track, and you should listen to this track, turn it up because it's the best way to do it.

Think about that. How long has it been since you had the recommendation of listening to a track cranked up. You know it's going to be good but don't take our word for it, have a listen it's worth your time.





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