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A Classic Single From Den Edie

The latest single from Den Edie brings out a classic rock songwriting approach with hints of alternative looking just beneath the surface giving the song a straight-up style and all this while showing an abundance of character.

"Losing My Mind" is somewhat of an instant classic with punk rock undertones that are clearly evident along with the songwriters' knack for giving off hooks that are memorable.

This track definitely has a bit of a live energy feel to it and it makes you want to go see a live performance so you can find out if that energy is there in a show setting as well.

This is the kind of track that feels like you've been listening to it on the radio for years now and it's got all the elements of what a catchy pop-rock song should actually have along with that bit of attitude and swagger that's needed for everything to come through properly.

This was a very fun single that has a way of bouncing around in your head for days after the song is ended and it feels really good to listen to.

The best thing about this track is that it's got heart but also this combination of old and new styles of rock combined into one giving it an aesthetic that is unique but incredibly familiar as well.

You can tell Den has a real passion for what he does and that is very evident throughout the song's course.

I think this is a big part of why it's so addicting as well.

I think we need more rock songs that combine these genres together like this one and do so in a way that forms something catchy and memorable.

Definitely check this one out when you get a chance especially if you love anything from pop-punk to classic rock. This is something you'll fall for quickly and you won't regret checking it out for one second.


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