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Yani K. Delivers A Fresh Single

A new single release from Yani K. hits a beautiful combination of jazz undertoned R&B, soul, and pop that comes through with more than enough character for you to hold on to, and amongst the edginess of the track lies a beautiful gracefulness as well that becomes very alluring and shines with honesty.

"Never Knew" has this really vast and experimental beat to it that falls right into place with the vocals so well that when they come in it just hits differently.

A really outside-the-box production gives the song an added enticement and with the vocals being so alive and flavorful, you get sucked right into this track.

One of the things I love about this song is its ability to combine old and new school styles of R&B together and bring these other elements that add flair along the way because it all creates this atmosphere that you end up swimming right along with.

This track has so much persona and comes through with this honest lyrical approach that it's very relatable especially in the choruses so you end up thinking of your own person when you hear this track which is kind of a beautiful thing.

Music is very subjective and people can take it in different ways so when someone hears a song like this it becomes personal to them because they think of their own situation and if they have someone that they feel strongly about, this song will have an effect on them.

This is kind of the beauty of music in general however at the end you remember that the song is Yani's there is that emotional Drive that the song keeps to which came from her and her alone.

This song has a clever freshness about it and when you listen to it there are things that are familiar but there are also things that push the envelope ever so slightly so that you get something kind of new out of it.

The edginess of this song really comes in with the rap section which is also very honest but this is part of what gives her such impactful character as well.

She's wearing her heart on her sleeves in her own particular way and that's something that's really important for an artist because then they can be identified and have an identity of their own.

Having an impactful chorus that sticks with you for days after the song has ended which is exactly what this one does, is definitely important and makes the track super radio-friendly and great for the clubs, however, that rap section gives her more room to say what she wants to in her own way.

No matter what way you look at it, edgy or not, this is a check that comes from the heart and has a lot of authenticity behind it which is why it's so relatable in the first place.

I love songs that have a sort of badass side to them but also this almost vulnerable honesty because it's such a great combination and you just don't get that super often so when it comes along it's pretty refreshing and this track pulls all of that off with a charm on top of everything else.

I would definitely keep on the lookout for Yanni because hopefully there's more to be released before the end of the year comes along and if and when that happens it's going to be something that also ends up floating around in your head for days on end.

The artist has style, swagger, and heart which is a combination we should all be looking for in any genre of music honestly.

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