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wht.rbbt.obj releases the Whiskey Hotel Tango EP

Within the realm of rock, a trifecta of danger, intrigue and unwavering attitude has always been the lifeblood of the genre. In today's musical landscape, those essential qualities are often in short supply, but my discovery of Whiskey Hotel Tango by wht.rbbt.obj, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo hailing from the heart of Chicago, rekindles the spirit with passion.

"Love On Hold" acted as the siren's call, luring me deeper into this enigmatic musical journey. While the musical elements exhibit a commendable solidity, occasionally leaning towards predictability, it's the vocals that truly captivate. The singer effortlessly transitions from enigmatic whispers to thunderous wails reminiscent of Janis Joplin. The song unfolds with explosive energy, resonating with a fervor that ignites the soul.

A moment of respite arrives with the jazzy piano ballad "Keep You Like A Secret (Tidal Wave)," offering a soothing interlude amidst the tempestuous sonic voyage. Despite the subtle infusion of organ, bass and various instrumental elements, it's the restrained elegance that sets this composition apart.

The opening riff of "No Rainbows In Indiana" beckons with a tantalizing sense of familiarity, a melodic echo of rock history that defies immediate placement. Here, traces of Led Zeppelin intermingle with commanding drumming reminiscent of John Bonham and a bluesy guitar flair akin to Jimmy Page, accompanied by virtuosic, Eddie Van Halen-inspired hammer-ons.

"Queen's Gambit," with its straightforward demeanor, embraces the very mystique and perilous allure I alluded to earlier. The closing opus, "Give It To Me," boasts arguably the most infectious groove, carrying undertones of '90s alternative resonance reminiscent of The Spin Doctors and like-minded brethren.

In the grand scope of rock, wht.rbbt.obj may not be reinventing the wheel, but they are undoubtedly stoking the eternal flame of rock n' roll. In an era where these primal qualities have been overlooked, their commitment to preserving the spirit of rock serves as a fervent reminder of the genre's enduring vitality, and for that, we extend our gratitude.

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