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Welcome To the World and Music of The Watters

If you are not yet too familiar with the soul-riddled sounds of The Watters, then let us be among the first to introduce you to the project and the band because they just recently released an album that brings about an embracing pop form of songwriting and performance with plenty of surprises around its corners and a unique way of old school and new school together.

The newly released album is dubbed "Duality", and it is comprised of such a beautiful combination of sounds that all pack quite a soulful punch and is derived from not just old school soul influences but also some R&B as well.

The wonderous and powerful but smooth vocal performances are accompanied by an ensemble of instruments that add to the abundance of sounds and grooves you hear when listening to this album.

This is the fourth LP released from The Watters and you can hear their experience and almost 20 years of working together and the music itself with a consistent and coherent flow throughout everything.

Our favorite tracks from this album are "Heavy Medicine", the title track (Duality), and a song called "Golden Ratio" but, there are a lot more that hit with a brightness and presence that you don't want to miss.

You can find this album and more on their Spotify and it's very easy to learn about them on their website or Instagram.

Have a listen to this record and remember where you heard it first.

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