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An Honest and Addictive Single from Audrey Riggs

A new single from Audrey Riggs delivers a robust personality and character along with its edgy rock soundscape and the whole thing comes across with a bit of a cinematic undertone at times but this personal sort of swagger as well and this is part of what you end up getting attached to in the first place.

"Losing You" is a very full-bodied Rock banger, but it has swells and sways that let it breathe so when the verses are in you get some of this alluring vocal approach that gives her a certain kind of attitude and along with all of this, you get honesty.

In a way, this is a pretty personal track, and it has a genuine overtone to it but again, that comes along with that character and persona that's delivered here.

By the time it gets to the chorus, it's a full-fledged rock out but it's done in an almost garage rock sort of way where there are scattered notes here and there feeling any kind of space but that also happens during the verses as well and this gives the song this alive and breathing kind of feeling.

What really grabs you aside from the lyrics and how her inner thought process comes out during them, is the actual vibe of the performance because in a way it feels almost like this was recorded live on the floor and anyone involved was feeding off of each other the whole time, so you get that raw sort of energy in the approach.

That whole aspect really gives a unique feeling to the track and has a strange way of drawing you in and pulling you away from your surroundings, so you have its full attention.

Right from the first verse of the track you automatically start relating to it because she's so blunt with her lyrics and it's such an understandable way of thinking if you've been in any kind of relationship or situation where you're trying to figure out what's going on, you're waiting by the phone, and the person on the other end isn't there.

I absolutely adore the way that she sings on this track because it's so genuine and it also brings to mind these kinds of '90s vocalists that I love. So, for example, I get hints of artists like Fiona Apple in the vocals from time to time and I definitely dig that vibe.

This is also because it is a pretty emotionally driven song in a way and although it comes through with a certain kind of attitude and edginess, it also has that honesty embedded into it, so you know it's authentic and it helps drive the whole song.

I would definitely want to see this perform live in my face just because if the energy is captured so well here then seeing it live must be awesome.

Audrey is a perfect example of a youthful artist who is releasing music with if you were boundaries than what you might be used to.

Her songs are straightforward, in your face, and she's kind of saying 'Here I am whether you like it or not', and this is refreshing.

Upon listening to the single I had to check out some of her other releases and I'm glad that I did because she has a handful of other singles that each show a little bit of a different side of her personality, songwriting approach, and more.

Having said that, they all still have this sort of abrasive honesty to them, and I think this is something a lot of artists should have but just don't hear it with Audrey it's almost freeing in a way.

She speaks her mind no matter what and we need more music that does that and we need more artists who do that.

Definitely check out this banger when you can because some layers to it are well done and the whole composition of it just feels alive.

This single was electric.

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