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A Flowing New Single from ELaiSha

A single release from ELaiSha brings out a vast and lush dance-pop soundscape that delivers such an incredible groove and ambient undertone that you can fall right into the atmosphere that the entire song gives off and along with that, you get these alluring vocals that also give character, and this is something you end up getting attached to throughout the track.

"Reflection" has a very unique and crisp feel to it along with a beautiful forward-moving flow that just feels natural, so you get these elements of a dream pop along with this dance powerhouse tone that come together and breeds something refreshing but also somewhat familiar and comforting.

This is most certainly the type of track that you have to move your body to when you hear it because it's got such a great rhythm and the whole song comes through with a beautiful display of instrumentation that all feels good to listen to.

I love these sort of orchestrated synth pads that are used to float through the song's ether almost like string sections and this builds on that atmosphere and that persona that the song gives off.

This track has a way of swimming around in the air that surrounds you and you end up getting engulfed in it and eventually washed away with it too.

It was all quite beautiful, and the track is delivered with a certain level of elegance that gives it a kind of class in a way which is something unique and rarely heard these days.

Her blend of old and new school sounds includes the keys and synth sounds that are used but also her vocal approach as well, so you end up getting glimpses of a 90s pop undertone along with this refreshing dance approach.

These are the kinds of things that make this song super fun but it's also because it's delivered with this persona and a perfect blend of color and edginess that lets you float alongside the song and because of that you end up getting pulled away from your surroundings when you listen to it, so the song ends up being quite a great little escape for a tiny chunk of time.

If you're driving in the car, you'll be shaking your butt in your seat, if you're at home you can dance around the living room to it, but either way this is a song that you should listen to first thing in the morning because if you do it'll set such a perfect tone for your day.

You can tell that the artist has a true love for her craft and is probably in her zone or happy place recording in the studio and building tracks, putting them together, and making them work with this wondrous flow and nature.

You can sense a little bit of spirituality at times but again, I feel like that depends on the listener and how they soak it in.

For me, this was both relaxing and danceable at the same time so that the ambiance in the song's underbelly comes through strongly.

One of the things I have to touch on here is the mix of this track because that is important with a song like this to deliver the right kind of aesthetic.

This song was mixed pretty much perfectly and the dynamic balance of everything comes together like glue, but you also have that wetness with little touches of reverb here and there and delays on the vocals that give the song this big open and freeing kind of feel as well.

This was all beautifully done and has a great spirit, charisma, gusto, elegance, and gracefulness in pretty much every aspect of it, and so I suggest listening to this track with headphones on because it's one of the best ways to do it.

Dive into this track as soon as you can and remember where you heard it first.

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