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Vianne Album Premier

A wonderfully personal indie-pop release is premiering today and it's from an artist named Vianne who finds herself creating catchy and driving pop songs that build their full-bodied frames with crisp guitars, sprinkled keys, colorful synthesized sounds, and melodies performed in octaves vocally which really works like a charm.

The full album is self-titled, and the record has bouncing rhythms, memorable choruses, and totally lush and theatrical breakdowns and often talk in metaphors about personal things and thoughts she has on her own. In her won head.

Being able to let all of that out into song must be cathartic and freeing to an extent.

Most of us wish we could do things like that but for the most part, we can't. Hell, it's hard to articulate certain things to even be able to speak them out. meanwhile artists like Vianne take their actual time to really say what they want how they want and make it work like it's a breeze.

This album is huge, and it reaches the depths of pop styles by edging towards these different undertones and pulling them back to her world to do with what she wishes.

The infusion of songs that take on more of a rustic folk style is impossibly graceful and the record has a metric ton of surprises all over it.

This was absolutely full of heart and character, and we love the way the songs are written and performed, portrayed, and crafted.

Vianne really took her time to create a bit of a masterpiece and today is its release. Remember that you heard it here first.

Go check out Vianne at any of the links below. You don't have anything better to do today.

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