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Tom Minor Sets His Tone

The latest single from Tom Miner brings out a real deal classic rock soundscape and vibrancy with a character-packed approach and transitions that I haven't heard in songs in a while making this so authentic that I needed to listen to it a few times to really soak it in.

"It's Easy to Play Hearts" is a completely danceable and endlessly fun Soiree that gives off such a colorful Vibe and plays well to something of a summer tune.

The track just has that energy that makes you want to dive right In and turn it up and that aspect of it is very infectious right from the get-go.

Everything from the vocal style to the guitar tones are really pinpointed and I don't even know if he did it on purpose or if it's just his natural way of doing things in terms of songwriting, but all this stuff created the tone that makes this feel like a song that you've been listening to for years.

There are a lot of different kinds of music that people sort of take their own twist on a classic genre or bring their own elements to a series of sounds that influenced them when they were younger and a lot of times it's easy for that to go south but with Tom, it's really more like a love letter to his influences.

This is part of why this song is so welcoming and even warming in a way.

Now, I'm a big fan of different kinds of classic rock including one Elvis Costello who is one of the greatest songwriters of all time in my opinion and I can definitely hear that influence in this song, but that's not it, there's plenty more in here and his ability to refresh things and make them his own is really where the talent lies.

Not only that but the song is definitely very catchy, incredibly danceable, has a great hook and chorus that bounces around your head for hours after the song has ended, and does an outstanding job of showcasing his presence as an artist.

The other thing about this track is that it's got the feeling of a track that was possibly recorded live on the floor because the players in the song seem like they're almost feeding off of each other's energies.

This is something that makes you want to see them play live although all in all, I'm not sure how much time is actually performing in the song itself.

One thing you know for sure when you listen to this song is that you're listening to someone who has a true love for his craft and that element shines through with every no plate throughout the course of the single.

If you're a fan of the classics, dive into this one because you definitely won't regret it.

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