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The Transits Drop A New Single And Short Film

One of our all-time favorite alternative, pop punk, Rock bands is releasing a new single and music video today and it's just in time for Halloween as it does give that slight haunt musically, especially with the keys that are consistent as a hook throughout the songs playthrough but in the true style of The Transits, the track also boasts this anthemic and impactful chorus and throughout all of the sort of dark edge, lives a very positive message.

The new track is dubbed "Lost Ones" and upon watching the music video along with the song of course, it's clearly inspired by a few classic films such as The Lost Boys for example and that element of offbeat misfit camaraderie is clearly there.

The song has a certain level of impact to it that gives it such a youthful thrive that you want to attach yourself to it directly in some strange way.

This band has a unique approach to what they do where the songs are super catchy and stick with you, especially in terms of the choruses and hooks, but there's always this underlying message so that the songs actually come from these real places and have a little of a bit deeper meaning to them then you first expect.

This is part of their staple sound and it's a sound that we've come to know and love quite well.

It's not even just a youthful thing, the message reaches out to people of all ages just simply saying you're still alive, get back up, and don't let life push you down too hard.

It's a song about perseverance in a certain way and that is something that people can relate to no matter who they are really.

It's just that they deliver this message with their own brand in their own way and that's what makes it so powerful.

This track is once again, really memorable and very catchy, the performances are spot on and the aesthetic of what they were going for is nailed 100% of the time.

These guys are very experienced and have had plenty of time to fall into their own sound so that now it's a well-oiled machine of natural creativity that comes from within.

Part of being able to listen to all the stuff that these guys put out is being able to listen to the evolution of the band and that's a very insightful thing when it comes to music in general.

But I digress, because I want to get back to not only the song but the music video.

So, there are actually two versions of the music video and the first is more of a mini feature or short film really.

This is done super well and this is where the whole Lost Boys thing comes in because the premise of it has to do with people going missing as a man tries to film a documentary.

I'm not going to give too much away of course but this was done in such a cool found footage type of way and I love it for the music video of this track.

This is one of the more creative music videos I've seen in quite some time.

This is really the cooler way to check out this song the first time, the second version of the video is just the music alone so it's the length of the track itself.

Still really cool of course and they keep some of the main parts in but the full version which is around four and a half minutes longer, is definitely something worth sitting down and watching because it's really cool.

Either way, the song is awesome and does a great job of showcasing this band.

We can't wait for what's next from The Transits!

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