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The Soulful And Grungy Fuzztone Rock Of Wolfsmoke

The latest single from Wolfsmoke hits with a warm fuzz tone approach that blends an alternative and garage rock sound together to create something that becomes endlessly addictive alongside these smooth and Soulful vocals that lay atop everything giving it a new and almost graceful but edgy layer.

"Fingertips" hence towards '90s underground alternative rock that you would hear on the radio here and there and it gives me that nostalgic feel when I listen to it which I absolutely love and miss.

The guitar work on this track is outstanding with these great tones and bendy riffs that drudge and sway and it works so well with the way the drum sound is absolutely massive and thrashing.

I love the combination of that edginess with that warmth and soul because it gives the song tons of character and persona.

You get a sort of grungy almost riot rock feel from this and it's dirty but in the best way possible and it hits with these great surprises around the corners.

It's been quite some time since I've heard such a heavy and sort of gritty hard rock song with such great female vocals and we definitely need much more of that in the genre these days.

There are some layers to be peeled back across the course of this song but all in all, you really fall deep into that heavy groove that they deliver, and you can tell that the entire band has a pure love for what they're doing.

This made me think of a cross between bands like Silverchair and Made Out Of Babies as you get that impactful grunge but those powerful vocals that just bring a different texture to the whole song.

The roofs are awesome and deepening, the drumming and the actual recording of those drums, just come through with this impactful vastness that makes the whole song thicker.

I think there was a lot of attention to how the song was actually recorded because, in a way, you almost get a live-on-the-floor feel from this song as if the band members were sort of feeding off of each other's energies throughout the course of the recording.

This track is the latest in a string of singles released from Wolfsmoke beginning in 2022 and each track stands on its own two legs as a single, but the best part is, if you like one of them, you're bound to really be into the others.

Coming out of this track I listened to some of the others, and they were awesome.

All in all, this whole thing made me want to see this band live in my face because I think that they would just be huge, and the sound would just be rumbling and super fun.

This is for people who are into that fat, grunge, and riot rock sound with inventive approaches and refs along with some unique aspects to make everything feel very refreshed.

Dive into this one when you can, you won't soon regret it.

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