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The Massive Metal Sounds of Fatal Nightmare

A new single from Fatal Nightmare brings on a combination of cinematic and deepened brutal metal that comes through with a heavy Edge and a fierce and aggressive tonality.

"I Rise- Director's Cut" has a unique way of introducing itself as it fades in with a low burn that ends up exploding into a hard-hitting and fast-paced thrasher.

There's something beautifully haunting about this track and it's got surprises around those corners which is something you don't always get these days.

There's a fire and grit to this track that lets it really shine in the way of metal and the riffs and guitar tones are absolutely massive but sharp at the same time giving you a sort of whiplash.

This track definitely comes through slightly dark for sure and definitely Bears a combination of some great metal styles, but I think the unique thing about it is the way it builds into what it becomes and how you don't really expect it to happen.

I like when a heavier band like this takes their time to approach the song in a unique direction so that it doesn't just burst right in but builds to an explosion instead.

This to me is really smart songwriting in the way of heavy metal and this track has a ton of it.

You also have this crazy vocal approach going on throughout the track that screeches and crawls its way through with this energy that's completely unstoppable.

This band is super tight and there's a lot of attention to detail going on throughout the course of the creation of this single, but it also has that gusto that is needed for the whole thing to really work.

The track quickly becomes a bit of a face melter and it's best listened to it nice and loud so that you can really feel your blood boil when you listen to it.

It's also a nice extended version which I guess is where the director's cut part comes in because it's a chunky six-minute-long opus that is an absolute soiree in terms of guitar work.

This must have been really fun to track.

Turn the volume knob to 10 and pop this one on, you won't regret it.

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