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The Elegant Chasers Bring On A Massive Sonic Presence

A new single release from The Elegant Chasers blasts off from the get-go with a major sonic presence that's tough to top with a bright and gleaming guitar sound and sheen that feels welcoming and edgy but incredibly fun.

"Sunshine Mourning" is a very honest song lyrically and the sound of it as a whole is vast and crashes in waves as it goes through its emotions and bursts into distant but hard-hitting guitar sections that swim around the song.

What really gets you is the blend of pop and alternative aggression the track breeds.

It's just massive and the soundscape has a range that hits like whiplash.

There is a load of experimental production going on with layers of textures and sounds, vocals and guitars pounding and bouncing off of each other especially towards the end and during those choruses.

This was an absolutely impactful and outstanding sonic rock track that takes you for a journey in tonality and character, emotion and depth.

A song with meaning but displayed in a way that covers both a pop and an arena rock style and approach.

This was a blast and it's the type of song you need to listen to more than one to catch everything.

Check this one out when you can and turn it up!

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