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The Colorful Sounds Of The NEW Bardots

Updated: Mar 26

A fresh single release from The NEW Bardots brings together a bit of funk and a bit of pop rock to create an atmosphere that's colorful with touches of Edge and even a cool classic and progressive rock feel at times but it all gets swirled into this positive vibe and makes you want to dance around with your fists in the air.

"Thrill of the Night '' is an endlessly fun soiree that takes you for quite a ride and comes off as a really strong groove with these almost fuzz tone guitar sounds and some really addictive progressions that make for a bright soundscape.

This track has a way of grabbing at you and getting your attention from across the room and would be an amazing party song.

This is mainly because you pretty much have to dance to this track. You really can't sit still to it. Your ass starts shaking your seat almost immediately and that bass line is just such an evident driver behind it all.

It's amazing how this one song can run such a gambit of colors and textures, sounds, grooves and all with this rock backbone that has you bobbing your head up and down from the very first second.

You really get such a solid and genuine classic rock influence that seeps through a lot during the course of the track and it gives it an almost welcoming and familiar feel.

Even if you're not a big classic rock band, kind of warm and that pop-oriented approach is undeniable.

Cool that the track also goes from a sort of minor to major note between the verses and the choruses which really makes it even more impactful.

Another amazing thing is the lyric video that accompanies the song itself which is incredibly fun and also shows a little bit of a different creative side to the project.

You get a little bit of their presence as a band live because you can see them do their thing but it's also really fun to see how colorful the video is as well because it really works well with the song itself.

This uplifting and sort of fun vibe is always there, and I think that's the point of the song.

It's the thrill of the night, all kinds of things are happening. They're just singing about it but they're doing it in a way that sticks with you for hours after the song has ended and the only way to satiate it is to play it again, smart song writing if you ask me.

This was an awesome single and I'm now going to spend some time digging into this band's back catalog.

Check this one out for sure.



Bongo Boy Records

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