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Rootiger Delivers A Classic EP

The latest release from Rootiger friends out a lush and beautiful array of songwriting approaches and instrumentation that beckons a classic style and comes through with heart and pure influence from a few different decades in rock music including the 1950s and 60s.

The Mary EP has such a vibrant presence that comes through with a wonderful subtlety and is riddled with honesty and a pure love for the craft of songwriting itself.

It's been quite some time since I've heard a record that spreads this kind of love in such a classic approach, and it does so with a full band feel but also These acoustic instruments from guitar to mandolin and it all comes through and creates this atmosphere that you don't want to leave.

These songs have a wonderful way of wrapping themselves around you and keeping you right where they want to and because of that you end up wanting to share this with everyone you know.

The guitar work across this record is excellent and you can tell that the artist is completely in his comfort zone when recording and that's where his heart is at.

There are some awesome surprises around some of the corners of the record and there are layers to be peeled back all the while you get these stories that kind of let you paint vivid pictures in your head or that even cause memories of your own to pop in when you least expect it.

I absolutely love this old school songwriting style because it's done so well that it feels completely authentic while blending in a few different elements of current tonality as well.

So, you get this 1950s or 1960s rock style, especially with the ballads, but you also get a current full singer-songwriter Vibe as well along with rock undertones that feel like they're from the 90s even.

There's a ton of attention to detail throughout the record but it never loses that soul that it was created from in the first place which is incredibly important.

EPs like this are really fun because in a way they're almost like an escape to an extent and you get to step into someone else's life and stories for a few moments as they take you to different periods of time and speak of almost chapters in the artist's life.

It's really cool to hear all these different influences being rolled into one record and how they're all mended together and Incorporated in with each other in such a unique way.

I like when records are created with fewer boundaries, and this is definitely a combination of a sort of youthful tone but with a maturity in songwriting which makes for a great record all in all.

You get some great slide guitar work along the way and songs that range from ballads to upswing bopping classics all throughout the course of only four songs which in itself is impressive.

This was a great and personal release that really showed character and a certain level of presence for the artist and his graceful deliveries both instrument and vocal-wise.

Listen to this one with headphones.

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