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Ranch Hands drops Figure This Out

Ranch Hands, featuring Jack McGuire (guitar/bass/synths/vocals), Josh Davidoff (guitar/mandolin/vocals), Joey Chang (piano), Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim (violin) and Carl Michnovicz (drums), unveils their latest creation, the four-track EP Figure This Out. Despite flying relatively under the radar, this release demands more attention, offering a beautiful amalgamation of emotions without tipping into overwhelming heaviness. The craft lies not only in the lyrical choices but also in their nuanced delivery. "Arbor Court" commences gently, with intricate guitar notes, subtle percussion and the tender addition of violin. The vocal entry serves as an instant magnet for listeners, weaving a contemplative narrative that maintains a delicate balance, skillfully augmented by well-executed piano embellishments. "Dogdogdogdogdog" emerges as a touching ode to a dog, painting a vivid picture of an owner's interaction with a golden retriever. Its sweetness and positivity resonate through lines like "Cause when he reached the ball, It fell through the cracks of his paws, I wouldn't worry at all, I'll always love my Dog." "Sour Candy" initially hints at experimentation but settles into an accessible track, reminiscent of the melancholic tones akin to Red House Painters, encapsulating a similar emotional depth. "Big House" concludes the EP on a high note, delivering a solid and potentially the most exuberant track, serving as a fitting endpoint to this musical collection. This EP stands as a testament to exceptional songwriting coupled with astute production choices. Each track boasts its own allure, inviting exploration into Ranch Hands' Figure This Out. It's a musical gem deserving of discovery.

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