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OutWest Band

In the latest musical endeavor by OutWest Band hailing from Washington state, consisting of Patrick Lagrimanta (vocals/guitar), Woody Curtis Jr (guitars/vocals), Matt Fate (drums) and Ray Tozzi (bass), we delve into their 2023 release featuring three noteworthy tracks.

The opening number, "Beers Up," is a compelling fusion of rock, pop and country, delivering a hard-hitting yet melodic experience. This tune not only induces the desire for a cold beer but also showcases impeccable dynamics. With a catchy hook and well-executed shifts, it proves to be a sing-along-worthy piece.

Following suit is "You," which takes a different sonic direction right from the start. Clean guitar, inviting vocals and a steady bass drum set the stage for a slick and engaging composition. The chorus bursts forth with infectious energy, accompanied by a perceptible increase in tempo.

"Stay My Ass At Home" kicks off with a guitar solo, immediately grabbing attention. The well-timed delivery, coupled with a stuttering effect, sets the pace for a gripping musical experience. Like its counterparts, this track boasts a memorable hook.

While OutWest Band may not be revolutionizing musical conventions, their ability to craft fantastic tunes is undeniable. These songs go down smoothly, leaving a lasting impression that lingers even after the music fades away.

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