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Morgan Obenhaus Releases A Genuine Pop Single

A new single released from Morgan Obenhaus comes through as a wonderfully woven and completely honest contemporary pop single that bears elements of a combination of acoustic and electric guitars, and Powerful vocal harmonies that have the ability to pick you up and let you float away with the song.

"Plastic Heart" is the song that definitely lets Morgan's presence shine as an artist, and it carries with it such a beautiful and youthful energy but with such maturity and songwriting to the point where you get the feeling that she may just be an old soul.

This track is something that lets her wear her heart on her sleeves and she does it well with a passionate but poppy delivery and this authenticity that makes you really understand that this came from someplace real in the first place and that the song was born from a bit of emotional drive.

These are the kinds of things that make songs like this so powerful, and this track certainly comes through impactful and there are elements about it that bounce around in your head for hours or even days after the song has ended.

Another thing I really enjoy about this release is its cinematic backbone because you can definitely hear this song in a show or a film easily.

I'm sure this is because of that emotion in the performance and how it's done with this wonderful sheen and polish which gives not only the song but Morgan herself a certain level of class in a way.

I think we need more music like this in general and in all genres because anything that we can hear that makes us feel something or that makes us think of our person or our situation is important.

This song is incredibly relatable and a number of ways and the way that she articulates those feelings is important as well because a lot of us can't do that out loud anyway and so to be able to hear it on a record like this makes you know that you're not alone in certain kinds of feelings.

I may be getting a little too deep with this, but there are a lot of layers to be pulled from this track; it's not just a cookie-cutter song although it's certainly catchy.

I do thoroughly enjoy how descriptive she gets with the lyrics on this track as well because she really is able to paint these vivid pictures in your head that way.

That's something you don't come across that often honestly.

There is as much vibrancy in color as there is depth to this single and I think it came through exactly the way it was meant to.

I think it's something she needed to get off her chest and I also get that feeling from her previous single "What You Need" which bears a lot of the same staple undertones but has a bit of a different approach to it.

Both of these songs are more than worth your time and playlists as well so when you get a little bit of it, pop on some headphones and check these tracks out.

Morgan is definitely an artist to keep an eye out for and I'm certainly hoping she releases something else in the next several months.

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