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Mediaslaves Drop A Massive EP

A brand-new EP release from Mediaslaves brings out a brutal thrashing soundscape that blends everything from metal to punk and it's all delivered with a fierce and fiery energy that's completely relentless from beginning to end.

The Consume the Consumers EP is absolutely massive, and it's got tons of character embedded in its veins as these guys manage to pull in their influences and roll it all up into one destructive record.

One of the things that hit me the hardest about this release was the drumming.

The drumming on this record is absolutely stellar and pinpointed to a tee but still alive enough to not only keep the record driving Full throttle but give it this alive and breathing effect.

The guitar work is just ground-shaking, and the riffs are intense and thriving as the band boasts an energy that feels like it's almost a live performance because these guys seem to be feeding off of each other the entire time.

This record really does take some of the best parts of all these different genres and throws it all right up in your face and its absolutely brain-melting in all the best ways possible.

You can tell that these guys have an absolute love for their craft, and I don't just mean the instruments that they play.

I mean creating songs together.

Tracks will definitely shred you to pieces and seconds flat and there are layers that can be peeled back in a way as there's a lot of different kinds of guitar tones going on throughout the record that even beckon things like surf rock at times.

The record also comes with this certain kind of vastness to it that feels gigantic, and I love how the vocals have a strange way of complimenting the guitar tones and when it all comes together it's a complete escape from your reality.

You get elements of grunge, thrash metal, alternative rock, punk rock, doom metal, and just everything in between.

It makes me think of Refused, Super Joint Ritual, and Dillinger Escape Plan having a baby, feeding it too much sugar, and letting it go wild.

The intensity levels across the span of this release are nuts and this record gets your blood pumping and makes you want to scream along with your fists in the air and start a mosh pit in your living room.

Trust me, it's been a long time since I've heard a band worthy of naming the bands, I just did but these guys definitely earned that with this release.

This record is like reading an HP Lovecraft book. It's mind-bogglingly good, but to soak it in you've got to read it twice.

The EP should be listened to twice in a row to really take it in.

Another thing is that this record has a lot of heart to it and meaning behind it as well. This is another reason why you should be listening to it more than one time.

This way you can pick up on the lyrics, which are important.

Either way, you're in for one hell of a ride and if you're a fan of any kind of really heavy music with elements that are outside the box and inventive, then these guys are absolutely for you.

I definitely can't wait to see what these guys come up with necks and how on earth they're going to top this record.

Remember where you heard it first.

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