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The Electronic Sounds of Fantomacs

If you aren't too familiar with the musical stylings and approaches of Fantomacs, then let us be amongst the first to bring this to you because the whole project encompasses an amazing range of digital and electronic music that sways and bends like an electric current and it's all put together by one man who decided to release music in a more freeing manner with no walls built around them and with messages in his approach.

Jorg Peters grew up in the city of Berlin and ended up getting engulfed by the music scene which is very well known throughout the years.

One of those scenes was an electronic music sort of movement that the producer ended up wanting to be a part of and letting influence him to create endlessly.

Fantomacs is a project that bases itself on music and images and more than several incredible releases span such a wide spectrum that you can tell the artist does it all purely for the passion of doing it.

One of the latest is a song called "Emphasis" which brings in an intriguing set of influences and comes out with something striking but unconfined.

"Live is constantly moving and renewing, regardless if you’re as young as my daughters or a little older like I am. I learned to adapt to new situations in my live a couple of times and always took lots of benefits from this. „Emphasis“ is about exact this theme: This dynamic track strives to weave a musical tapestry of self-discovery and renewal, capturing the essence of us as individuals reshaping their lives with newfound purpose. „Emphasis" is not just a song; it's an anthem for those seeking to redefine their narrative and embrace a vibrant, purpose-driven existence,” - Jorg Peterson (Fantomacs)

This release is one of many that you can find on the artist's website, Spotify, or Bandcamp. Meanwhile, you can learn more from his Instagram or Facebook.

There's a lot to drink in with this project so set aside some time to do so because if you open yourself up to it there is plenty of enjoyment to be had from this wonderous span of electronic music from a composer who gives pieces of himself when he records his stuff.

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