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King Of Cups Returns With A Christmas Single

King of Cups returns with a Christmas single that hits a melodic and vivacious pop-punk spirit and brings with it a humorous approach to a holiday that some take maybe a little too seriously and in true King of Cups Style, they bring a near-perfect dynamic balance of color and edge that help define part of what this band's stable sound really is.

"The War On Christmas" has a whimsical approach at poking fun of those who get a little overwhelming during the season and you know what? I feel like it's a Christmas Anthem I've been waiting for for years.

One of the things I really loved about this track is how they added in an intro that was almost like Christmas carolers singing at your front door with their feet and 3 inches of snow wearing colorful scarves.

The cool thing about this is that it feels like an actual Christmas song and they put in all those little elements to make sure you know that it's all in good fun, and it is in spirit of the holidays.

They spend that course enough times for it to really stick with you and it's a damn good one at that but along with it you do get your spirit a little bit lifted because a certain generation of people can really understand where the song is coming from so it's pretty relatable.

Having heard songs from King of Cups before of course, a Christmas song is never something I would have expected but what we have is a track that holds true to the band and to Christmas as well.

When I was growing up on the East Coast, we had a station called K-Rock and during the holidays they played rock versions of Christmas songs along with certain kinds of originals and this track feels like it fits perfectly right there on that radio station driving through New York 3 days before Christmas trying to hunt down that last minute gift.

So yeah, the whole thing is totally nailed and with these guys I'm not really surprised at that fact.

You can always tell they have a really good time doing their thing because that energy is right there on the record and they always have this insatiable balance to their songs that make them hit hard but also make you want to sing along.

This track is no exception and as a matter of fact, it's kind of one of my favorites from the band now.

I'm one of those people that put together an alternative rock and punk rock Christmas playlist for the holidays along with some classic '80s hits as well of course, and I'm definitely going to be adding this track to that playlist this year.

Kudos to King of Cups who took their time to release a Worthy original Christmas song that has heart, humor, and a killer pop tonality.

Take a listen to this track when you can because tis the season after all.

Remember where you heard it first.

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