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A Wonderfully Woven Album from aRCANE aSYLUM

A fresh release from aRCANE aSYLUM brings out a vast and deepening cross between industrial, alternative pop, and plenty more by breeding a soundscape that has its own atmosphere altogether and is done with this sort of character in its undertone and this is something you end up getting attached to right off the bat.

The Chaos album blends somehow standing electronic music and tonality with haunting vocals and glitchy beats that all come together and build a certain intensity that you end up wanting more and more of the deeper you go into the record.

This album gives off such a unique edginess that blends old and new school industrial approaches together, but it also has a sort of heavy Rock undertone at times and a very experimental style as well.

This is a very cinematic release to me and I could hear some of these songs in different kinds of films and scenes but you do get this great cross of melodic and subtle, floating melodies and instruments that drift through the ether of a lot of these tracks along with vocals that do the same because the way the vocals are delivered are in such a way that they are instruments as well and this creates layers that sit atop each other and melt textures together with this very particular and unique feel and vibe.

Although some of this record is very hard-hitting with distorted beats and fuzzed out keys it also boasts beautiful loftiness to it and gracefulness in its performances, this is something that lets you get engulfed in the record as a whole.

This album is more of an experience than just an album and if you listen to it the whole way through it's quite an escape in actuality because it can drag you away from your surroundings and whatever you're doing and put you into this whole other world for moments of time.

Having a record that gives you this much of an escape is not something that comes along often so when you get it it's completely refreshing.

On top of that, if you only listen to one or two songs from this release then you're not getting the full spectrum of what it has to offer.

There's a beautiful ambiance in the underbelly of just about every song no matter how heavy certain parts come through and the dark edge that sits atop everything is beautiful in its own way.

This project is created by someone who knows how to compose and produce music in such a way that it is indeed quite cinematic and almost theatrical at certain points, and this is what you get wrapped up in.

There are many releases under this project and one of the best ways to listen is on the Bandcamp page.

Again, I would strongly suggest listening to this album from beginning to end and doing so with headphones on because this way you can soak in all the little increments and notes that are floating around and soak it in the way it was meant to be.

Check this record out as soon as you can, especially if you are a fan of alternative pop, film music, industrial, or electronic.

No matter what, you certainly will not be disappointed.

Remember where you heard it first.

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